Colorado Candidates’ Voting Records

October 20, 2014 in All by luke

Last year, the Colorado government decided to violate the rights of law abiding citizens based on the criminal acts of mass murders. In effect, those law abiding citizens were lumped together with mass murders simply for owning or wanting to own magazines that carried more than 15 rounds. They were lumped in with those criminals for loaning a firearm to their friends or family without a background check. Lastly, those law abiding citizens were forced to pay for their own background check in order to prove to the state that they were worthy of exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Below is a list of state officials that are up for reelection and these officials all have one thing in common; they voted to take your rights away.

John Hickenlooper

SD 5     Sen.  Gail  S.  Schwartz
SD 16   Sen.  Jeanne  Nicholson
SD 22   Sen.  Andrew  ‘Andy’  Kerr
SD 34   Sen.  Lucia  Guzman

HD 1    Rep.  Jeanne  Labuda
HD 2    Rep.  Mark  Ferrandino
HD 3    Rep.  Daniel  Kagan
HD 4    Rep.  Daniel  R.  ‘Dan’  Pabon
HD 5    Rep.  Crisanta  Duran
HD 6    Rep.  Lois  Court
HD 7    Rep.  Angela  Williams
HD 8    Rep.  Elizabeth  H.  ‘Beth’  McCann
HD 9    Rep.  Paul  B.  ‘Rosey’  Rosenthal
HD 10   Rep.  Dickey Lee  Hullinghorst
HD 11   Rep.  Jonathan  Singer
HD 12   Rep.  Mike  Foote
HD 13   Rep.  Claire  Levy
HD 17   Rep.  Thomas  ‘Tony’  Exum  Sr.
HD 18   Rep.  Sanford  E.  ‘Pete’  Lee
HD 23   Rep.  Max  Tyler
HD 24   Rep.  Sue  Schafer
HD 26   Rep.  Diane  E.  Mitsch Bush
HD 28   Rep.  Brittany  Pettersen
HD 29   Rep.  Tracy  Kraft-Tharp
HD 30   Rep.  Jenise  May
HD 31   Rep.  Joseph  A.  Salazar
HD 32   Rep.  Dominick  Moreno
HD 33   Rep.  Dianne  I.  Primavera
HD 35   Rep.  Cherylin  N.  Peniston
HD 36   Rep.  Su  Ryden
HD 40   Rep.  John  W.  Buckner
HD 41   Rep.  Jovan  Melton
HD 42   Rep.  Rhonda  Fields
HD 50   Rep.  David  L.  ‘Dave’  Young
HD 52   Rep.  Joann  Ginal
HD 53   Rep.  Randy  Fischer
HD 59   Rep.  Michael  E.  ‘Mike’  McLachlan
HD 61   Rep.  Millie  Hamner

Don’t forget, Senate District 3, 11 and 19 are special elections this year. District 3 and 11 had their Senators recalled and those offices are now held by George Rivera and Bernie Herpin, respectively. Both of those Senators will uphold their oath of office and protect your right to keep and bear arms.

Senate District 19 is being held by Rachael Zenzinger, due to the fact that Evie Hudak resigned. Senator Zenzinger is not your friend or a friend of individual rights. Not only did Senator Zenzinger work as Evie Hudak’s campaign manager, but she said she is a supporter of the gun laws Democrats passed in 2013.

If your Senator or Representative is not on that list, then they voted against the gun control laws of 2013 (or are not up for reelection). Some of those Senators and Representatives were kind enough to fill out our firearms survey at the beginning of the year. To see if your elected official answered our survey, please see: