Background Checks are for Law Abiding Citizens

December 22, 2014 in All by luke

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about background checks and how important they are for security. Their importance is pointed by the notion that they keep guns out of the hands of “bad people”. The fact of the matter is, though, background checks don’t really prevent anything, particularly violence, and they are sold on a false premise. The reality is, background check laws are only obeyed by law abiding citizens.

Why would a criminal concern themselves with background check laws, when their plans are potentially much more nefarious? This is especially true when it comes to universal background checks and the state’s attempt to criminalize the transfer of a firearm from one person to another without government permission. Why would a criminal be concerned with a misdemeanor or potential felony for procuring a firearm, when they intend to use that firearm for assault, robbery or murder? If a person has come to terms with the idea of murdering someone, breaking a background check law will not suddenly convince them to start obeying the law.


That bring us to another point: just because a person passes a background check, doesn’t mean they are a good, wholesome person that would never hurt anyone else. People don’t need guns to act violently either. There have been murders with hands, feet, hammers, cars, knives, fire, firearms, etc., yet the only time anyone is concerned with background checks is when a person wants to buy a firearm.

October marks the anniversary of the Arapahoe high school shooting, where a student entered the school with a shotgun, killing one person. This shooter passed a background check and purchased said shotgun without issue. This person was also “troubled” according to his mother. He was brought to a mental health center and was determined not to be a threat to himself of others. Hindsight being what it is, it’s very easy to say “this person should have never had a gun”. The reality is though, there was no legal reason to deny his purchase of a firearm. What, exactly, did the background check process accomplish here? Why, exactly should the process of purchasing a firearm be more cumbersome for law abiding citizens, when incidents like this are anomalies?

That leads us to Washington State, where a recent ballot measure for universal background checks has passed with the vote of the citizens. The background check law notwithstanding, the citizens of Washington have voted to restrict some of their own rights in the name of safety. With a financial push from the likes of Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates, this ballot measure passed with the vote of the mob. It is now a felony to transfer a firearm from one person to another without a background check. No exceptions. Even something as innocuous as letting your good friend hold your rifle while at the range is now a felony.

This has rightfully fired up the law abiding gun owners in Washington, who showed up at the capitol building to protest such a measure. What has happened is a clear cut case of a majority population working to suppress a minority population and that minority population standing up together to fight for their rights. In Colorado, breaking the background check law will result in a misdemeanor if caught. We also have some exceptions, albeit minor, to allow for temporary transfer. Can you imagine being faced with felony for actions that so many firearms enthusiasts do on any given day at the range?