SAFE Will Not Be Opening

November 21, 2014 in All by luke

Earlier this year we brought to your attention a new shooting facility and their problems reaching an agreement with a local town to start construction. SAFE was to be a multi-million dollar training facility for law enforcement and citizens alike and it was originally to be built in Firestone, CO. The Firestone city council was persuaded by anti-gun citizens and groups alike to prevent the facility from being built.

Recently, SAFE courted Frederick, CO and all seemed to be going well until just recently. Now, this attempt to start building the facility has also been thwarted. According to Managing Partner Ron Abramson, what SAFE thought they had in an agreement to begin construction was dismantled by the city council, who suddenly began asking many questions of said agreement. They effectively backpedaled.

For more information on what happened and why SAFE will not be building in Frederick, see:

It’s very curious that SAFE is having trouble finding a place to build their facility, spend millions of dollars and potentially create hundreds of jobs. You’d think the smaller communities would jump at such an opportunity to have an influx of cash. Apparently, government big and small, only wants your fees if they can take them from you under threat of law.