Makeup of the State Legislature

November 18, 2014 in All by luke

On Tuesday, November 4th, you participated in our biannual peaceful revolution and removed many politicians from office. Unfortunately, many politicians that should be in the unemployment line kept their seats. Overall though, Colorado is no longer solidly blue and has returned to being purple. Here’s a breakdown of what our state looks like right now:

House of Representatives – The house will continue to see a Democrat majority, although their strength in the house has been severely reduced. There are still a couple of contested races in the state, and one of note is the race for HD59. That is the district in which the Colorado recalls started and it would be very special to us to see Mike McLachlan removed from office. A bit of unfinished business getting finished.

Here is a fairly recent article on the other contested house races:

Senate – The Republicans now have an 18 to 17 majority in the Senate. This is good news for those of us that would like to see repeal bills for the new gun laws make it anywhere at all. With control of the Senate, the Republicans will also have majorities in Senate committees. Now is the time to pressure your senator to introduce and pass repeal legislation. Now is the time to make noise and get the attention of our legislators and put some pressure on the governor as well.

Here is more information on the new majority in the Senate: