Castle Rock special ballot August 19th

July 25, 2014 in All, Events in Colorado by luke

Earlier this year, the Castle Rock city council voted 4-3 to repeal a ban on open carry on town property. This set into motion a turn of events that required the city council to either rescind their votes or put it to the people to decide the fate of the ban on open carry. The city council did not rescind their votes and now the people will have their say via a special ballot.

Open carry is already legal in Colorado and the town, this just removes a restriction for such carry on city-owned property.  Moreover, this ballot initiative would remove power from the town manager, an unelected person, to make the decision as to whether open carry was legal on town property. Realistically, this goes far above and beyond a ban on open carry. If this initiative is struck down, the town manager – one single person – will be able to make decisions that affect everyone’s constitutional rights. This one individual will be able to supersede the Colorado constitution and he or she will have the voters’ blessing to do so. If people are willing to vote away their right to open carry a firearm and put the decision into the hands of an unelected bureaucrat, what else will they be willing to vote away? If we accept that a constitutional right can be limited over literally nothing more than one unelected person’s ‘feeling’, does that not set a dangerous precedent to the rest of our 2A rights – and all our others as well?  We need to support our fellow citizens in Castle Rock….

For more information on the events that lead to this special ballot, please see the news article below

This is a good timeline of events:

This is the language that will be on the ballot:

Spread this information, create awareness and if you can, make sure to vote. It’s a rare occurrence when government at any level says, “We’ve been telling you what to do for far too long. Please have some of your sense of responsibility and self-determination back.” Take advantage of the fact that a government body is voluntarily trying to get smaller and less intrusive.