Arming Teachers and Administrators

January 25, 2015 in All by luke

Last month we touched on the idea of arming teachers in schools and offering these teachers quality training to help them deal with extreme circumstances where they would be faced with the prospect of protecting their students. This is obviously not an easy topic to consider, simply because no one wants to think about an active shooter in a school. When it has happened in the past, it has been overwhelming, heart wrenching and tragic.

We’d like to touch on a few things regarding the concept of arming teachers, even though it is a very sensitive subject. There are many arguments for and against the arming of teachers and guns in schools. One of those arguments is a parent’s trust for having an armed teacher in a classroom. Armed or unarmed, if a parent can’t trust a teacher, they should take the proper course of action to either remove their child from the teacher’s care or work to remove the teacher from the school. If you can trust a teacher to care for your child while in school, the teacher being armed shouldn’t be relevant.

The other common argument used is to simply ban guns. Fact of the matter though, guns are banned on school property, signs are erected and we are left with an expectation that a person with nefarious intentions will care about the law. On the other hand, there are examples of armed school resource officers successfully stopping a threat before it turns into a Columbine or Newtown. Arapahoe high school is a prime example, where a student with a shotgun was confronted by a resource officer and immediately ceased his violent actions.

This is a topic that needs to be discussed realistically, among legislators, educators and parents alike. An objective look at what has worked and what hasn’t worked needs to be part of any discussion on how to protect our children while at school. Signs haven’t worked, banning guns on campus hasn’t worked, and laws against murder haven’t worked. People armed and trained to defend the innocent has worked though.

As mentioned last month, we are working with knowledgeable and vested parties to bring quality training to Colorado for the express purpose of helping teachers and school administrators better prepare themselves for a worst case scenario. We are also pushing for legislation that would allow local school boards to make their own choices on how they protect their schools and students and would like that choice to include armed teachers.