Tell your elected officials that you’re paying attention

September 29, 2014 in All, Editorials by luke

As mentioned earlier, it’s time to vote. It’s time to do more than that, though. It’s time to understand that the process starts with voting, but must continue on with engagement of our elected officials and the people must hold said officials’ feet to the fire. Don’t vote for someone and then walk away in hopes that they will live up to the promises that got them elected. Make them live up to those promises. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you will not let them go one inch further in stripping you of the right to make choices in your life.

This is a challenge to you. Send an email to an elected official – your Representative, Senator, Governor, Mayor…send an email to the President if you so choose. Tell them this: “I am paying attention and I am not happy with the course of our government.”

Let them know that you are watching, you are now engaged and you are willing to stand up. Don’t vote and then walk away because that is what they are counting on. Stay in the fight! These are your rights and you can’t trust anyone else to protect them for you. It’s up to you to do the work and it starts now, with that simple message.

And when you send it, CC us at “” Show us you took action.  Show them that you aren’t alone.  Show yourself that you do have a voice and a right to use it.