Project Appleseed and the Firearms Education in Schools

January 28, 2015 in All by luke

Last spring, the Colorado chapter of Project Appleseed was contacted by a teacher at Craver Middle School in Colorado City, CO and asked to come out and teach some of their middle school students about American history, firearm safety and marksmanship. The class was a big hit with the students who participated, the teachers and administrators, and it caught the attention of other schools from other states looking to emulate the training.

This spring, Project Appleseed will be going back to Colorado City to teach middle school and high school students. C2AA will be volunteering to help Project Appleseed, just as we did last year. If you would like to volunteer this year, please email us at With more students this year, Project Appleseed will need more adults to help supervise, as well as more 22 rifles for the kids to use on the shooting range.

For an after action report from last year, as well as quite a few different news links, please see this post in the Project Appleseed forum: