Hound Hick

November 26, 2014 in All by luke

As noted with the “Push for a repeal” article, if you want these bad laws to disappear, you have to open lines of communication with the only people that can make it happen. Hickenlooper has retained his governorship and that is going to cause more work to get him to ever sign a repeal for these laws, but he is very squishy on his opinions and decisions. With enough motivation from the people, it is plausible that he could be persuaded to the side of the 2nd Amendment.

Once upon a time he said “gun control would not have stopped mass shootings”. Once upon a time he sided with the people and their 2nd Amendment rights. As he is easily persuaded though, he flip flopped. Then he flipped again with the sheriffs and apologized. Then he flipped back before he flipped once more and said he regretted signing those bills.

Bottom line, he doesn’t know where he stands. He only knows where he’s told to stand and it’s your job to let him know that he needs to stand on the side of rights. Sure, he’s more easily influenced by money, but we the people can certainly overcome that by simply hounding him relentlessly to get rid of these gun control laws. We can convince him, but only if we put in the effort. Your job is to flood his email inbox, his voicemail and his mailbox so often that it becomes unbearable for his assistants. Only then will he know what to do. He claimed that his assistants promised he would sign the gun bills into law, so if we can overwhelm them, they may just promise to remove the laws.