Echoes of the Recalls

October 21, 2014 in All by luke

This summer, Colorado Second Amendment Association got involved in Castle Rock to help overturn a ban on the open carry of firearms on town property. C2AA formed an issue committee called Freedom For Castle Rock and worked to get out the vote and inform Castle Rock citizens of the upcoming special election, what the two ballot initiatives meant and what a “yes” vote on each initiative would accomplish.

There were many attempted lawsuits designed to ensure that a fair election happened, that were unfortunately denied. There were many claims by both sides of unfairness, slander and cheating. There was even a recount of ballots. In the end though, the repeal on the ban of open carried firearms won the day.

This, like the Colorado recalls, was an example of citizens and citizen groups working together in the fight for the rights of the people. We weren’t the only ones in this fight and worked closely with other groups and individuals to make this work. The credit deserves to be spread around.

As another example of citizens standing up and working together to make government listen to the people, we present you with…plastic bags. We don’t mention this in an attempt to conflate individual rights to keep and bear arms with opinions on the effect plastic bags have on the environment. In fact, it is our opinion that popular votes on how rights are exercised are completely unfortunate. Our rights are not up to popular opinion, and so choices on plastic bags and the rights of the people really have nothing in common. We mention this story for one reason and one reason only: people worked together to make their elected officials listen.

Why precisely did the citizens of Fort Collins feel it important to address the choice on plastic bags? Simple. The city council thought they knew what was best for Fort Collins’ residents. They thought they knew what the people wanted. “I thought we were trying to make changes that the citizens would support,” said Mayor Pro Tem Gerry Horak. Apparently, he thought wrong and found out the hard way that his opinion did not represent the people. That’s all we want from our elected officials. Protect our rights and don’t make personal choices for us.